Communicate with your data like never before.

Tool to search your data within seconds

Connect to 8 different  types of databases

Add visuals to  dashboards and share easily

Non Technical business users can now play with data like a google search

Become a Data Driven Organisation

Search and analyse millions of rows in a flash 

Add Users

 Imux is a search engine attached to a business intelligence tool

Become a storyteller with data.  Dashboards provide meaningful insights of your entire data at one place.

Dynamic Search

Create Dashboards

Features designed to make your work simpler

Create different kinds of graphs like barchart, linechart, radar chart, doughnut chart, piechart from your data. 

Search large volumes of  data without writing SQL queries. 


Add your peers spread across the organisation.

Understanding datasets and extracting the required information takes ample time. With IMUX, you do not need any technical expertise, its easy to get started. Connect your data source and you are just a search away from the right data.

Search your data 3x faster

See how our IMUX works and how it has helped its initial users understand and analyse their organisation data for driving decisions 

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Emma Clarke

Vishnu Gopal

"I use this product to quickly search data, check tables and graphs and take my decisions"

"This is a great tool to have in meetings. We can search the data when we are stuck and helps me avoid writing SQL queries"

Consultant, SFO

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